Help us Stand with Ukraine

Our work in Ukraine and Poland

Seed Programs International is working with several schools and organizations in Poland and Ukraine to support Ukrainians and the communities that welcome them into their communities.

  • School Gardens in Poland: SPI is partnering with Resiliency Gardens in Poland to create school gardening programs.
  • School and Urban Gardening in Ukraine:Сади Перемоги to create victory gardens in Ukraine schools and urban centers.
  • Fruit Tree Planting in Ukraine: SPI is partnering with UCare to purchase 1,000 fruit trees for planting in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine. A portion of each harvest will be donated to food relief efforts.
  • Therapeutic Gardening in Ukraine: SPI is partnering with UCare and Recovery Camp to create a therapeutic gardening program for Ukrainians that are experiencing the trauma of war. Recovery camp provides a secure location, education, and rehabilitation for children.
  • Vitamin Donations: SPI is partnering with MAP International to provide 10,000 bottles of vitamins to UCare and Recovery Camp.

Plant a Message of Solidarity

Applewood Seed Co. generously donated a flower seed mix of blue and yellow seed for a “Solidarity Bloom” project. Planting these seeds can send a living message to our Ukrainian neighbors close and distant that we are with them.

Please request your packets by emailing us @ with your address and number of packets requested.

Please consider making a donation so we can build a recovery fund to support Ukraine and displaced Ukrainians in the long-term.

Pictures of Solidarity Bloom Gardens

Send us a picture of your Solidarity Bloom and a message of hope and we’ll post it here as a digital tribute to the resistance and resilience of Ukraine as a nation and its people. We stand with Ukraine.

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