At Seed Programs International,

we enable access to quality seed, training, and resources to reduce hunger and poverty

We partner with communities and small-holder farmers to create a more food-secure world.


To work internationally and domestically to improve food security and household income by enabling access to quality seed, training, and agricultural resources.


An equitable world whereby communities have access to diverse, quality vegetable seed and the knowledge, tools and resources needed to grow nutritious food and sustainable food systems.


Improving access to seeds, training, and resources will accomplish the following:

  • Improve Nutrition

  • Improve nutrition by having people grow vegetables rich in micronutrients that are otherwise missing from diets. These vitamins and minerals are essential for prenatal health, safe childbirth, child development, productivity and supporting a long and healthy life.

  • Grow Sustainable Livelihooods

  • Grow sustainable livelihoods by diversifying and increasing crop production so that excess harvest as well as novel crop harvests can be sold in local markets. This extra income breaks the cycle of poverty by allowing farmers to pay for kids’ school fees, medicine, clothing, safe shelter, and other needs.

  • Support Climate Resilience

  • Support community and climate resilience by identifying and utilizing climate-smart agricultural techniques that bolster soil fertility and stability, diversify crop production, and increase sustainable productivity.

  • Assist in Crisis Recovery

  • Support medium to long-term crisis recovery efforts by utilitizing crop production to stabilize and rebuild livelihoods, create resilience to surrounding stressors, and reduce dependency on aid.

  • Build Capacity

  • Build capacity of local organizations, communities and individual farmers by increasing skill sets to help people reduce their dependency on aid. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job, one community at a time.

Let’s Build Food Security
from the Ground Up

Seed Programs International is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates globally.  

Our EIN/Tax ID is 56-2092576. Thank you for your support!

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