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Success in GuatemalaNo one has ever before given us the opportunity to help ourselves.

By providing top-quality vegetable seeds and locally-driven support, seed programs give women a path to empowerment, income, and nutrition. The women of Chajul, Guatemala project are all working hard to make their garden a success. They extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to SPI donors for your support.

Our key partner in this project is ASO-Ixil, an indigenous Mayan-led charitable organization. Support from the US comes from Bright Star Philanthropy Partners, and funding support is from people like you, many who donate through our crowdfunding page.

Participating wormen received orientation instructions in their own language of Ixil Mayan in a high school classroom .  This was a very exciting day, especially because they’ve never had the opportunity to go to school. They were very attentive and entered into good discussion with relevant questions about the project.

The vegetable gardens were prepared and planted the week before Palm Sunday. The project paid for the assistance of 2 unemployed youth with no education and 2 unemployed youth who are earning tuition for their University course work in agriculture.

Students and professors at the regional Rural University advised the project and advised on the crop selection.  Local ixil Mayan farmers donated plots for use by the women who did not have access to a garden plot of their own. The women are looking forward to having vegetables to add to their families’ diets of mostly tortillas and beans.

One woman stated, “Thank you, Thank you. No one has ever before given us the opportunity to help ourselves.  We are proud of our ability to work the soil in the Mayan way and thank you for believing in us."

There is a long waiting list for the next vegetable garden project. A next step in Chajul is to make seeds available in the local ferreteria (hardware store) so that they can be purchased any time, not only by those who need immediate financial support to afford them.

You can help us take the next important steps in this work to support Mayan Guatemalan self-sufficiency and nutrition. Donate today!