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Fundraise for Us

How can you help?
Thanks for asking!

We are often asked if we can receive donations of seeds, either saved from home gardens or left over from packet purchasing. Unfortunately, we can’t. Export laws just don’t allow home-harvested seed across borders due to concerns about seed-borne disease. Also, the varieties of vegetable seed we select are specific to the challenging conditions where they are sent (often featuring tropical heat and extremely wet or dry weather).

But if you love seeds and love the idea of helping people in need around the globe to grow their own food, you can still help SPI turn seeds into food for the hungry. Here’s how:

  1. Make a list of all your friends, acquaintances, family members, and social circles who grow vegetable and flower gardens.
  2. Contact one of these great seed companies about their seed sales fundraising program: Sow True, Seed Savers Exchange, High Mowing, Southern Exposure
  3. Designate Seed Programs International as the beneficiary of your seed sales (the method for this varies by company). Let us know what you’re up to and we’ll send you some printed information so you can be a great ambassador for our work.
  4. If you wish, package up your own excess seed and add it to the offerings. As gardening season comes around, let the seed-selling fun begin!
  5. Some programs move funds to us themselves; others require that you do it. In those cases, donate your raised funds on our secure donation site.

For every $100 you raise from your seed sales fundraiser, SPI will send enough seed for those in need to grow one ton of food.


P.S. Too busy to organize a seed sales fundraiser? A simpler way to get involved is to donate to one of our online crowdfunding campaigns and then help us spread the word. Check out our current projects!