Do you use GMO seed?

Most of the countries we work in do not accept GMOs and there are only a few vegetables for which GMO varieties are available (e.g. sweet corn, squash, pumpkin, papaya). As such we do not work with GMO seed.

Do you use treated seed?

We prefer to use untreated seed because seed treatments affect where seeds can be shipped and can affect the germination of seed over time. Additionally depending on the seed treatment used there can be health and safety concerns that are not easily addressed when working with families that are hand-planting seed.

Where do you source your seed?

We work with a broad range of seed companies big and small with a focus on ensuring that the seed resources are reliable and meet the needs of the families our programs support.

Do the seeds you provide create dependency, distort markets, or destroy diversity?

No. We always try to procure local seed if possible and work to establish sustained local seed supply as part of our model in which local markets respond to local demand. Our projects increase the diversity of crops and varieties that are grown by families. When families succeed in producing vegetables they often increase the diversity of what they grow even further based on dietary preferences and market opportunities.

Where do you work?

Because we work through local organizations, we work anywhere there is a need and capable willing local partners. Currently we mainly work in Africa and Latin America but have activities in the Caribbean, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. We also have projects in the US to address food deserts and are working to establish projects that support school nutrition and other institutions where gardening and vegetables increase the quality of life. We are working towards fostering connections between US organizations (churches, retirement communities, schools, prisons, etc.) and the communities we serve internationally. This connection enables everyone to get more out of their work growing vegetables. Our current list of partners can be found on Our Partners page:


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