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Peter Marks

Peter Marks

President and CEO
PO Box 9163, Asheville, NC 28815 USA
Tel: +1-828-707-1640
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Prior to joining Seed Programs International in 2012, Peter Marks had a 15-year history as a non-profit professional in fields of sustainable agriculture, microenterprise, and literacy, as well as experience in the seed trade. While growing up in Maine, Peter gardened and preserved food with his family, and as a teenager worked for a local agricultural extension office providing services to Maine blueberry farmers. Peter holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Washington University and has spent time in East Africa and Mexico.


Naima DidoNaima Dido

Program Director
PO Box 9163, Asheville, NC 28815 USA
Tel: +1-828-458-5288
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Naima was born in Nairobi, Kenya, shortly after her parents fled there from Ethiopia as political refugees. In 1989, she was resettled in the U.S. along with her parents and 4 younger siblings. Naima describes herself as an activist for human rights and women's empowerment. Her work, volunteerism, and life experience inform her passion for self-sufficiency and human dignity. She believes that poverty is usually, at its root, about imbalances of power and the lack of access to resources, that change is possible, and that solutions require good ideas, courage, and persistence. She has more than 20 years’ experience working with underprivileged refugee communities in the US and Africa, and holds a B.S. in International Business.


Greg BoninGreg Bonin

Operations & Communications Director
PO Box 9163, Asheville, NC 28815 USA
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Greg has been working with nonprofits in the Asheville area for about nine years with a focus on organizational and community development. He advocates for translating abstract concepts into personal actions within systems that can contribute to global parity. Greg has a background in database and website management, and holds a B.A. in History.


Dave BenderDave Bender

7913 Vicksburg Ave., Lubbock, Texas 79424 USA
Tel: +1-806-790-4839
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Dave grew up in western Pennsylvania on a small farm with several large gardens. After majoring in biology at Goshen College, he received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in horticulture from Virginia Tech.For 19 years Dave headed the vegetable research program at the Texas A&M Agricultural Research and Extension Center at Lubbock, Texas. This program focused on production practices, plant physiology, integrated pest management, cultivar adaptation evaluations, and sustainable systems.

Dave has been active in professional societies, serving as chair of several working groups and committees, a professional horticulture journal reviewer, and an active member of commodity research groups. He has published numerous research journal articles, grower publications, and book chapters.

Dave is retired and continues to generously provide Horticultural advice as a volunteer.


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PO Box 9163
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Seed Programs International (SPI)

Seed Programs InternationalSeed Programs International (SPI) is a non-profit, tax exempt, non-governmental humanitarian organization.

We work thorough other humanitarian organizations, church groups, service clubs and individual donors, to provide quality seed to impoverished communities in developing countries enabling them to grow some of their own food. In addition to seed, SPI provides critical seed expertise and experience operating seed based self help programs.”

SPI is operated by individuals with over 50 years seed industry experience plus over 20 years experience in vegetable research and production. We also have 15 years experience operating programs that have successfully shipped seed to over 70 countries on five continents. SPI has shipped enough seed to plant over 1,000,000 vegetable gardens, providing more than 20 kinds of vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals often missing in people’s diets.