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Mother's Day Spotlight: Empowering Women Farmers Around the World

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate the incredible women who nurture not just their families, but entire communities. Seed Programs International (SPI) is proud to partner with inspiring women farmers across the globe, empowering them to become leaders in sustainable agriculture and improve their livelihoods.


The Power of Women in Agriculture:

  • Global Leaders: Did you know? Women comprise 43% of the agricultural workforce in developing countries, and are responsible for between 60 to 80% of all food production in developing countries! They play a crucial role in ensuring food security for billions.
  • Nurturing Families and Communities: Women farmers are not just food producers; they are also nutritional gatekeepers, responsible for feeding their families and ensuring healthy diets within their communities. Their knowledge of local crops and traditional practices is invaluable.
  • Community Builders: Beyond food production, women farmers often play a central role in community development. Research suggests women farmers prioritize reinvesting income into their families’ health, education, and well-being, which ultimately benefits the broader community.


From Guatemala to Kenya:

  • Guatemalan mothers are gaining valuable skills and income opportunities through training in organic gardening techniques. This allows them to provide nutritious food for their families while earning an income to becoming self-sufficient.
  • Kenyan widows are finding strength and economic independence through participation in small-scale commercial agriculture. SPI’s support equips them with the knowledge and resources needed to succeed.
  • South Sudanese Refugee women and mothers are rebuilding their lives and contributing to their new communities by learning to create value-added vegetable products. This empowers them to earn a sustainable income and build a brighter future. Focusing on post-harvest loss techniques increases food access while working with existing food production in crisis areas.


These are just a few examples of the many ways SPI supports women farmers on Mother’s Day and every day. Training, resources, and access to markets, enable these women to become agricultural leaders, nourish their families and communities, and build a more equitable food system for all. 

 If you would like to support these programs, please visit our Donation page: https://seedprograms.org/donate-now/. Thank you for your support!

From our table to yours, Happy Mother’s Day to all!


Ethiopia Grow East Africa
Grow East Africa Womens Cooperative, Ethiopia
Taaru Askan Farms Senegal
Taaru Askan Farms Women Farmers, Senegal
Womens Group Kenya
Shisaba Water Resource Initiative permiculture training, Kenya
Preserve International Refugee Women
Preserve International, South Sudanese Refugee Farmers, Uganda
2023 South Sudan Vegetable Harvest WRA
Women Relief Aid, Womens Group, South Sudan
Tecpan Women in Guatemala
Mujeres Trabajando por Tecpán, Guatemala

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