2022 SCINE Student Survey

At Seed Programs International we know that listening to the organizations, communities, and families that we support is key to our success. We can only get better if we have input from the people we serve about what we are doing well and what we need to improve. We also strive to share the stories of the challenges communities face and celebrate their successes as they address those challenges. Enabling everyone to tell their stories in their own words, pictures, and video is important to us. In many cases the organizations we work with and the communities we serve do not have the time or capacity to generate long-form quarterly reports as is often expected by the international development community.

 This is where survey software is absolutely critical. Well designed survey software enables everyone to tell their own story in their own words with their own pictures and celebrate their triumphs. This democratizes reporting because it is not reliant on having dedicated office staff to write reports and opens a direct line of communication to ensure that end users and beneficiaries have a say. We look forward to continuing to leverage the power of surveys to enable design and execution of better programs that reach more people, are more cost-effective, and align with the priorities of the families the programs’ benefit.
 Seed Programs International uses QuestionPro. QuestionPro is a high-quality commercial survey software that leading companies pay thousands of dollars a year to use in order to engage with their paying customers. What is amazing about QuestionPro is that as a company they understand the need to build a better world by also reaching those that do not currently have the ability to pay for the things that they need. As such, QuestionPro has a unique non-profit licensing commitment that makes it possible for non-profits to use and afford QuestionPro. This makes us all better at what we do and enables people all around the world to be heard who previously did not have a means by which to have their voices heard directly.
QuestionPro provided us unmatched features to tailor our surveys to suit different types of audiences, collecting all the insights we need. Check out the links.

Seed Programs International is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates globally.  

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