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Seed Programs International (SPI) Board of Directors member, Ton Van Der Velden, had an opportunity to travel to Africa in March to represent SPI. While there, one of his stops was to Kenya to visit with our partners Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH) in Burntforrest and Shisaba Water Resource Initiative in Butere.

Ton’s first visit was with AMPATH leadership. AMPATH is a healthcare corporation that aims to take a holistic approach to medical care. SPI had the pleasure of partnering with them in 2021 for our program: Promoting Growth and Development of Horticulture Farming for Nutrition and Income in Bunyala, Kenya. You can read our report about the program here. The program provided training to 23 Trainer of Trainees (ToTs). The ToTs then trained 585 farmers in agricultural practices. The program participants underwent extensive training and grew vegetables in household and sack gardens near their homes. Data collected from the program showed clear health benefits resulting from the program, with participants experiencing less hospital visits, less sickness, and an improved balanced diet. Participants were also able to sell some of the produce at market to earn an income. SPI is currently working to connect AMPATH with donated seed from Sakata Seed Kenya. We are excited to continue this partnership and hope to support them further in the coming years.

Ton’s next stop was to visit Shisaba Water Resource Initiative (SHWARI) in Butere, Kenya. The program aims to support women and girls in the community. Most of the women in the program are widows living in poverty. The program aims to provide the women with training in permaculture, agroforestry, and vegetable farming so that they can earn a certificate and apply for a microloan. The program also includes an initiative to sow rewashable sanitary towel kits with soap and a towel for young girls in school. Ton also visited a 4K club at a secondary school. The students in the club also participate in the training and sell their produce to teachers to earn money. Last year, SPI partnered with SHWARI to provide seed and resources to support the training of 60 women. This year, we are partnering again to train 120 women. We will continue to provide updates about this program as it progresses.

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