Greetings from SPI!

We are happy you’re here and want to support community gardens across the US. With 13.8 million Americans struggling with food insecurity, and roughly 39.5 million Americans living in food deserts, supporting and spearheading community gardens has never been more important.

If you know us at Seed Programs International, you know we’ve been working with vegetable seed, gardens, and food security for over 20 years. We know a thing or two about gardening. But thus far, the majority of our work has focused on international agricultural programs.

Covid changed that. At the height of the pandemic, we turned our sights to what we could do locally. Here’s a small glimpse into what we’ve been doing this year:

We are primarily working with Conscious Alliance to get seeds, supplies and knowledge into the hands of those that need it across the US. We’ve gotten 400 pounds of potato seed to communities in need. Additionally, through Conscious Alliance and their networks, we have been distributing a wide array of vegetable seeds to grassroots organizations across the country to support community and school gardens. From Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to food insecure communities throughout the Chicago area, to small community-led projects in southern Appalachia, we’re empowering neighborhoods, families, schools and individuals alike to bring food security into their own hands, quite literally.

Check out this youtube video from our partner Chicago Grows Food to see a glimpse into what your donation is supporting.

Stay on this journey with us to continue to make our communities more food secure. Share this with your friends, families and coworkers to get more people involved. Together, we can dream up a country where vegetables are growing on every street corner, outside every school, in every backyard. Now that’s a world we believe in.

Seed Programs International is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates globally.  

Our EIN/Tax ID is 56-2092576. Thank you for your support!

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