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1 in 4 people globally are food insecure.

Conflict, climate change, and poverty are the main culprits.

Good quality vegetable seed, locally-appropriate farmer training, agricultural supplies, and ongoing support can provide a solution.

Seed Programs International is a 501c3 nonprofit based in the US that operates globally.

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We work together to create sustainable and equitable food systems.

  • Seed

    We assess vegetable seed availability and strengthen local seed markets. We provide appropriate seed when local sources are not adequate.

  • Training

    We identify appropriate training that leverages existing knowledge and resources to bolster food production and strengthen resilience.

  • Support

    We provide capacity building, project consultation, and technical expertise to organizations around the world.

  • Sharing

    We connect regional partners to share successes, challenges, resources, and knowledge to improve program success and growth.


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Empowered Women Empower their Communities

When you empower a woman, you empower an entire community. The UN estimates that for every $1 a woman makes, 90 cents goes back into her family, creating upward mobility that breaks the cycle of poverty. By working with women’s groups, we help women build food security whilst producing income for their families.



Powering Community Gardens in the US

38 million people in the US are food insecure. We believe community gardens can change that. Our community gardens promote food literacy and increase access to healthy, nutritious food for families in need across the country.

Crisis Recovery for Refugees

Vegetable-growing programs are unlikely to be the first response in a crisis, yet are an enduring, stabilizing element. Economists and disaster victims alike know that post-crisis food markets can feature wild shortages and surpluses, price spikes and crashes, and food-quality concerns. By fostering vegetable production, relief efforts can help provide long term resilience.



Seeds for School Gardens

School gardens grow vegetables and also grow future leaders to counter hunger and poverty in their communities. In many places, a garden-supported school lunch is the only healthy meal of the day and motivates parents to keep their kids in school.

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Seed Programs International is a registered 501c3 nonprofit that operates globally. Our EIN/Tax ID is 56-2092576. 

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