Free Seed Offer

free seed offer imageNote: our seed trialing needs for the 2013 growing season have been fulfilled, with more than 300 free packets mailed. While our work sending seeds around the world for hunger relief continues, we will not be sending out any more individual gardener seed packets in 2013. We apologize to those who were referred here by an external site, whose postings are beyond our control.

Thank you for your interest in helping us fight world hunger! To follow our work and see when we again announce the free seed offer, just keep an eye on this page, or like us at, where we’ll announce the offer again this winter.

At Seed Programs International, we send seed around the world so hungry people can grow some of the food they need. A billion people face hunger daily. You can help by donating today, using the link on this site. Each $5 ships enough seed to provide five vegetable servings each day for a year.

Are you a gardener? You can help more! During winter and spring we may offer to send gardeners one free packet of seed. You agree to grow out the seed, eat the vegetables, and report back to us how it does in your climate and conditions. That information helps us help more people, because your data helps us better understand the performance of the varieties we offer.

Note: because our seed is designated for humanitarian aid and hunger relief, we reserve the right to limit this offer. We may not be able to honor every request this year, especially when a critical mass of seed has been sent to a particular region of the US already. We’ll let you know either way, and encourage you to make the request when it is announced. Limit one offer request  per household.





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