Rotary Vegetable Seed Grant Application

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Rotary Vegetable Seed Grant Application

Rotarians against hungerThis application is also available as a Word document.
The application deadline is September 23, 2016.

Rotarians Against Hunger is a project of members of multiple clubs in Rotary District 7670, Western North Carolina, USA.

Funding for seeds is available due to the generosity of Rotarians and many other community members across our District and beyond. Logistics support provided by Seed Programs International. Today, along with submitting your application, please send a short email to This will help us prevent lost applications due to any technology glitches along the way.

Rotary District
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Rotary Club
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Describe the location and setting where vegetable seeds will be distributed. What is your history working in this area, if any?
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Describe evidence of the need for vegetable-growing in this setting.
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Tip: general statistics about nutrition and poverty are somewhat helpful, but we are more interested to learn that people served and/or their close advocates have confirmed this as a top-priority community need.

How have you confirmed that quality, appropriate vegetable seeds are not already available in this setting?
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Describe how your project will ensure that seeds are distributed fairly and effectively and used well by the recipients. Include information about any partnering organizations that have committed to help with this. Add any further information you would like us to know about your project strategy and approach.
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Please describe your plan and budget for matching this vegetable seed grant. Match should be used for items that complement the seed use, such as tools and materials, soil inputs, water access, training cost, local travel for distribution, customs clearance, etc. Please tell us whether funding for the match expenditures is already in place.
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A match of at least 50% of the seed value is required of project applicants (based on seed value of $500 per carton of 1400 packets).

Describe your plan for gathering results (photos, stories, data, successes and challenges) and sharing this information back to the Rotarians Against Hunger project.
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How many cartons of vegetable seed are you requesting?

Each carton contains about 1400 home garden-sized packets of vegetable seeds and will support 100 large family gardens.

No. of cartons
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How many people, households, and/or facilities will receive seeds?
Please enter the name of your Rotary district

How will seeds reach their destination?

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Are you requesting training to be provided by SPI as part of your seed grant application? We recommend using local training resources where available. If not, we can help with gardening techniques, seed saving, vegetable marketing, and other topics.

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I understand that as seed recipient, I will be responsible for import permitting (if necessary) and customs clearance tasks/costs on the receiving side. SPI will provide sending documentation, USDA inspection, and other necessary support.
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